So far, you know the risks of driving at night and how it differs from the work done by truck drivers on the road during the day. However, what are the tips that help to run at night safely? Look and also click here to learn about speed bumps for asphalt for roads.

Keep An Eye On The Road And Vehicles

We know this is a tip you consistently follow, no matter what time you hit the road. But you can’t be too careful when driving at night! It is good that you are even more alert. Our vision faces many limitations with the lack of natural lighting. When taking a night route, your field of vision can drop from 250 meters to just 40. A significant difference, isn’t it? It is possible that you do not notice some road hazards or that you only see them when they are very close. So, recognize your difficulty seeing details and redouble your concentration when driving at night.

Be Careful With Lighting

You know that many roads are poorly lit, making it difficult for truck drivers to work at night. Those who drive at this time of day must always take care of the truck’s headlights — they are the vehicle’s eyes. If the truck’s lighting is not in good condition, it is impossible to drive without sunlight. The headlight guarantees your visibility at night and shows the way, preventing accidents and collisions.

Always check the condition of the lights before hitting the road. Also, remember that on some highways, you will need to turn on your high beams; however, when passing other drivers, you should be careful to dim. If a vehicle passes you with high light, look away to avoid dazzling.

Keep An Eye Out For Signs Of Tiredness In The Body

It’s always good to remember that you are not a machine! As long distances or tight deadlines often force the truck driver to drive at night; your body cannot be disrespected. It is better to delay the trip than to take risks by insisting on tired driving. Remember that your family expects you to return home safely.

Considering our biological clock, staying up all night is not so simple. By doing this, you reverse your body’s schedule and spend more energy trying to adapt to the change. The body is already used to using the night to recover, so signs of tiredness at this time can be inevitable. Eat well, drink plenty of water, and have moments of relaxation during the day. Do not use stimulants; they are very dangerous for your health. And if you feel drowsy, stop the truck in a safe place and rest.

Practice Defensive Driving

Driving with prudence is adopting a series of measures to avoid infractions and prevent accidents. If you already do this during the day, great! At night, these skills are even more necessary. In defensive driving, caution is essential. Remember that at night the risks of coming across negligent, tired drivers or those under the influence of alcohol or drugs are greater. With reduced visibility, keeping a long distance from the car in front is the best option. Also, give way to vehicles very close to your rear, giving you more security if you need to brake hard. Another essential tip is to respect the speed of the road.

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