Adjustments to the HGV testing system made to deal with a lack of vehicle drivers are a risk to roadway safety and security, the Road Haulage Organization has said.

The UK has an approximated shortage of 90,000 lorry chauffeurs, which has intensified after Brexit and Covid.

The UK federal government announced strategies to urge more new vehicle drivers onto the road by liberating 50,000 HGV examination slots on Friday.

It urged the structured procedure would certainly not influence HGV driving criteria.

Just how serious is the HGV chauffeur lack?

Fifty thousand more lorry motorist tests assured a year.

Federal government to shorten HGV motorist screening procedure.

The modifications are part of a plan to resolve widespread supply chain problems brought on by the vehicle driver lack, which has hit various industries, including food, beverage, and medications. More info here

Truck chauffeur shortages have been criticized on EU employees leaving the UK following Brexit. During the pandemic and tax changes, it is extra expensive for chauffeurs from other places in Europe to work or be used in the UK.

There have also been grievances concerning a stockpile of chauffeur tests.

UK Transport Secretary Give Shapps told your home of Commons last week the federal government would now upgrade regulations to boost capacity, significance:

Vehicle drivers will no more need to take a different examination to tow a trailer or caravan, enabling roughly 30,000 more HGV examinations to be carried out every year.

Tests will be made shorter by getting rid of numerous elements and having them evaluated separately by a third party.

Motorists will have the ability to obtain a permit to drive a verbalized automobile without first obtaining one for a smaller car, making around 20,000 even more HGV driving tests readily available every year.

Mr. Shapps said the adjustments, which still require to be approval by parliament, would generate additional test capacity “very swiftly.”

He added: “These changes will certainly not change the standard of driving called for to drive an HGV, with roadway security continuing to be of paramount relevance.”.

In a statement, he added that the UK government had currently supplied 50% even more examinations than had been offered before the pandemic, which these modifications would imply an extra 50,000 annually.

However, the Road Haulage Association (RHA) is worried that modifications like getting rid of the turning around maneuver from the examination – that makes it shorter – and assessing it independently is an action backward when it pertains to safety.

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