In fact, the computer work might not be a dynamic job, but it can surely take a charge on the body. When you sit at a desk for many hours of the day, you are more possible to practice the physical and mental hurt. Also, sitting all the day can set a step for inactive lifestyle as well as improving the risk for chronic 2 health problems such as heart disease, obesity and type 2 diabetes as per the research. If you sit all the day in front of computer, you should definitely visit this site to find the 6 clever ways to stay healthy.

Maintain proper seating position

Being aware of your sitting position can assist you feel better always. The poor posture can even cause joint and muscular strain and also neck and back pain, weariness.

    Invest in ergonomic furniture

    If your budget allows it, you can invest in ergonomic furniture like a standing chair or desk with an enough seat cushion with lumbar support.

      Take breaks on a routine basis

      If you sit in a similar position for a long time period, most of your muscles will tighten. This could consequence in tension and pain, as well as makes it complex to move even after you have completed your work.

        Drink plenty of water as well

        If you are sitting all the day, staying hydrated is more essential. In general, we lose water via breathing, sweating and other regular biological operations all over the day. Staying hydrated will replace those lost fluids and stop dehydration.

          Keep your computer in a right position

          If you are searching too far down from a line of your sight, you may experience neck and back pain. Thus, it is good to use a stack of books or a system stand.

            Blink your eyes more

            When you sit in front of your system, you must blink more often. You need to do this in every 20 minutes.


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